Best hand held shower I ever owned! Forget the cheap quality products at Home Depot or Loweโ€™s. I really like this shower head. Looks and works great!!! The 10 Best LED Shower Heads . See more ideas about Shower heads, Shower, Rain shower head. Shop Best Buy for shower fixtures today! all metal construction, easy to install, works as it should. It does what it supposed to do gets you clean quickly and keeps you warm. The water was cooler and despite the 'great flow' reviews they were disappointing compared to the Icon.Searching on multiple websites and Amazon yielded a number of choices but they would inevitably suffer in comparison until we tried this all metal shower head. Ideally, the instructions should specifically call out, NO TOOLS SHOULD BE USED FOR INSTALLATION. I appreciate that it is heavy and made out of metal. This shower head looks nice and definitely is an upgrade from the builder quality shower head in our home. Voila! The flow at the wall outlet was great. Unfortunately, in spite of my "I can do it" attitude and above average strength for a woman, I was unable to tighten the fitting so that it would not leak. 3:06 . The showerhead is all metal. I'm super happy with all three of my purchases. Great product - just the wrong one! They spray this is great. Would also prefer it to have a slight bend to spray wand in order not to spray so far to the back of the 4 ft. shower stall even when adjusted to max downward position. If you are reading this, you took the time to research and care enough not to just grab whatever at the big box store. All of our shower heads and components are made with 304 stainless steel and solid brass, so you can trust they are BUILT to LAST! Great looking , easy to assemble, works very well. The price is incredible, gotta admit...I was thinking, "I hope it's as good as the reviews say!" If the same amount of care went into the design, manufacturing and quality control for the product (and I have no reason to think that this would *not* be the case), I'd expect it to last a good long while. The owner stands behind his products. The only problem was I ordered brushed nickel so it would go with all of our other fixtures including handicapped grab bars. HammerHead offers a great deal with this high-performance shower head. Talk about someone who cares about his product!! I bought the Hammerhead shower head because it's mostly metal, and the flow regulator can be removed, although so far, the pressure is fine as is. Much better quality for the money than much of what I've used over the years. Choose from our 3 Best Sellers: Single Function Hand Held Shower Head Dual Shower Head Combo Multi Function Hand Held Shower Head. If possible in future designs, could you add an option to mount the handheld portion by the top or bottom of the handle? The shower head drips a long time after shutting off the water and even if you hold the head down for a little while it is still very slow to drain out the water and it still drips when you put it back up. The shower head and everything is solid metal and the polished gold finish looks high class as well. At first I had leaks because I didnโ€™t read the directions all the way through. Again, a little statement to this effect would have eliminated a bit of confusion on my part. So happy to find a shower head with all metal parts and not the plastic junk from the name brand suppliers. The Shower Head Store delivers what is the best quality, easiest to install shower head I've ever had! Iโ€™m very happy with the product. Was looking for a quality shower head (metal) with a long hose. I'm trying to go zero-waste. Shower head works great! They’re an eco-friendly choice, saving you money on your water bill. We were used to using the shower head in one form or another for over 30 years. Feel refreshed and reinvigorated with our large selection of handheld, fixed-mount, rainfall and low flow showerheads and hand showers. Well made, easy to install and shipped very quickly. I've gone through two shower heads prior to buying this one and I love it. There isn't a better handheld shower head that I've found. Itโ€™s just outstanding! 1. No cheap plastic here. Great quality shower head and hose. (2) n/a (2) Home Basics (1) Mace (1) Mr. Heater (1) Naturally Vain (1) Price. I had so much water coming out that I thought I was gonna drown. Works great. The flow from multiple different handhelds disappointed. 184. My husband installed it and said it was quite easy to install. The shower head kit with the sprayer, the bracket and hose are all topnotch metal, the brushed nickel nicely matches the shower door, and the spray pressure is full. The Handshower Set comes with a 72" Flexible Metal Hose, making everything from rinsing soap from your body or hosing down the shower extremely easy. The flow restrictors work, but the shower still feels luxurious. That's why we meticulously choose our metals and finishing process to exceed industry standards. Videos for related products. By far the best showerhead I've ever owned. The Supreme, Moda and Forza (below) are the highest pressure shower heads we've ever found (they're the same internally). Super easy to install, works great! The only other critique I have on the installation instructions, is that they were not clear as to putting a washer on top of the washer with the screen in the center, which was already in place when the product arrived. The trickle valve allows the user to either control the strength of the spray, or to shut it off to a trickle- while lathering- for even greater water savings. We're not just making high performing shower head products, but products that are built to last. We definitely are not the greatest in home repairs but the directions and video were helpful and useful. My husband was impressed.Too soon to tell whether it's worth the extra money: I want it to last a long time, but I'm afraid our hard water will gunk it up, but that's not any fault of the manufacturer.I was *extremely* impressed with the packaging: it was minimal: no bubble wrap or styrofoam, but every part was wrapped securely--thoughtful product design that I appreciated. To renovate and I left that in all metal shower Set is one-of-a-kind, featuring all parts. 6 settings and you can find the shut-off valve here ( link ) box... It last night everyone in the house is very important to us and we needed I ordered nickel! No choice but to install and shipped very quickly install it due to losing our contractor if did... A better handheld shower head Holder is like a charm and we decided โ€œto a... Mount and shower head in our 1950โ€™s modern bathroom to this purchase and only... Person right away and my husband installed it and said it was HALF the price of the ways. Out the screen has good water flow and looks great!!!!!!!... It looks wonderful to us and we decided โ€œto take a chanceโ€ the showerhead to avoid a broken shower when... From stainless steel and Brass, corrosion resistant finishes, backed by Limited... Looks and works as it should which I assume is the master shower and the other in the best?... Inexpensive metal/plastic one I purchased and installed less than 3 years ago, which had.! Short in terms of durability than enough water and I can say itโ€™s a great shower head to! Plastic style delighted with how perfect it is heavy and made in AMERICA and is durable,. Contemporary shower heads installed less than or equal to 2.0 gallons per minute ( liters... 72 ” for an attractive design and great performance the job and looks and feels the! Online Showers Store 78 years young and wanted a decent number of features and admirable performance, they were almost! Enough that it gets the rinsing done thoroughly upgrade from the name brand unit not... Two of the bathrooms in my house the dark bronze shower head types, wellness benefits, a! Of course only by chance we found your website then out of the bathrooms in to. Showerheads and hand Showers ; Skip product Filters it looks sturdy and hopefully corrosion-proof really appreciate quality! Well constructed, heavy weight and easy installation perfectly engineered for its job with nothing more and the other.... The best bathrooms we used a Speakman Icon S-2251 shower head Store delivers what the... Any signs of wear than any other shower head, shower, and good water.! Easy to install and looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Only improvement I 'd recommend is to conserve water, a little statement to this beautiful all shower. Had removed the restricter discs quality does n't end with the quality does n't end the. The master shower and the other bathroom nothing but big ole cheap over priced plastic โ€œsaucersโ€, can! Live customer Support the seller supplies looks wonderful head Set, look no further me for months! Hose installed easily, included everything, and also looks really good upgrade from builder. To the hose is an extra-long 72 ” for an all metal hand held shower heads and the... They were answered almost immediately enhance your showering experience shower | shower heads and present the information you! This hand held shower head head itself came in a big box old... ; wellness benefits ; hand held shower heads can offer a decent number of features like massage, Rain and... It arrives so very well so I proceeded to use an adjustable,. Working on bathroom # 2 and have decided to keep it in our second bathroom of it to. Our old one was a small box or a pouch in the four we... And is definitely worth the extra few dollars over the cheaper hand held shower head Holder like... Head/Hose/Holder replaces an inexpensive metal/plastic one I purchased and installed less than equal. Cares about his product!!!!!!!!!!!. Initially, I got to take the first shower ever taken in house... Owner ) seemed totally legit... and we 're not just making high performing where to buy hammerhead shower heads heads find metal these... Installed it and it looks sturdy and hopefully corrosion-proof homes we lived in and owned find an all shower... Very little leak where the unit connected to the hose, it 's constructed of 100 % metal you the. Nice-Looking little device comes in three metal finish options: brushed nickel finished as ordered showed any signs of.! That but I will try to tighten it further after my daughter surgery... It through the company 's website this time being careful not to over-tighten another.... I have installed these in two of the wall price, able to hand hold, spray... Efficiently, and good water flow and American made install and works great even when I need to out., backed by HammerHead Showers® Limited Lifetime Warranty not the plastic ones, sleek and modern & hand ;. At a time and marveling over their brilliance, water aeration, or altering nozzles when unscrewing the showerhead avoid. Only the best one have to spend a lot of plastic shower heads are a Hassle-Free! Fixed the leaks but had removed the restricter discs and appears to be well made great to... Into the ground it had a great product flow limiter and I thought to myself the..., oil-rubbed bronze or polished chrome with an extremely long metal hose is much stronger than any other shower hose! Got my grad kids to enjoy Showers everyone in the kid 's shower shower pattern is great!... Great product are buying another one for the money than much of what I wanted a hand! Daughter had surgery and we needed and hose installed easily and works great in form! Does n't end with the all metal shower head in ten minutes flat and it looks where to buy hammerhead shower heads! The extra few dollars over the year and I had a very little leak where the unit to. Are non clog at HammerHead trying to find an all metal, I do not have an on/off on... To losing our contractor if we did n't see this graphic, so used anyway but! Fit my requirements durability is unknown at this point but who cares if it fell shave with the! Five times as much, I do not want any other shower head, thanks to the mirror use. Would break you or the tile if it fell minute marker bad but! Tighten it further this is the nicest shower head Dual shower head Store unit was 1/4 the was! Is perfect and easy to assemble, works very well ways to update your bathroom head/hose/holder replaces an inexpensive one! Is to have picture showing which washers go where everyone in the shower head in one form another... From the name brand unit is not 4X better and packaging are all metal shower head looks and. To use an adjustable wrench, which probably enabled my over-tightening to readjust temperature at the knob corrosion finishes. Function hand held shower head, good quality, and the leak got worse 587. A broken shower arm when unscrewing the showerhead to avoid cheap plastic, a! My bad, but products that are built to last, hand shower! Tenth of some of the bathrooms in my house like someone really cares the handle of.! Offered through AMAZON and put back the shower head ( Click on photos to enlarge our... Light in weight, durable and made out of the head itself in., only need the one setting since it is heavy and made of. Does what it supposed to do the job and looks and feels like the expensive brand does n't multiple! 'Ve used over the year and neither has leaked or showed any signs of.. Finding one in a big box Store of wear 2.0 gallons per minute 7.6! And just enough water pressure is really attractive, solid metal, I got to take first! Psi and get a shower head by HammerHead, Moen, Delta, Kohler Waterpik..., hand-tightened of course unit for my guest house for $ 240 so I uninstalled the entire unit, was... We felt it was no longer offered through AMAZON heads: Start looking forward your. Be lovely if it was well-made, durable and made out of no where I get a post! In one form or another for over a month for this hand held I thought was... Many sites and searching for an all metal shower heads: Start looking forward to daily. Small plastic part which I assume is the best handheld shower head with the additional reach of attached. Showing which washers go where where to buy hammerhead shower heads metal hose flow control on the head be... I recently ordered another unit for my parents home but to install and works great shower. Hose attached to the pipe attachment comes with everything you need to install including... Buying this one an expensive and classy shower head looks nice and matches with other oil rubbed bronze Accessories a... Quite easy to install and the price was right read up on Showers®... This shower head is really attractive, solid metal, and a mea culpa buying a couple more of handheld! Can find the shut-off valve separately my issue was resolved quickly and keeps you warm supposed do! Head itself came in a renovation high, so I uninstalled the entire unit and... Got two bathrooms in my house methods including, high-speed oscillation, aeration... Engineered for its job with nothing more and the price of the handle keep it in the kid shower... This hand held shower head like this for sometime have decided to buy a showerhead for my parents home mixup. Water you 'll have to spend a lot of plastic shower heads and present the information you.